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With Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide and health authorities urging people to self-isolate and practice social distancing on a massive scale as part of an enormous effort to #FlattenTheCurve of this global pandemic … we are reaching out to industry friends, colleagues, associates, partners, etc., and asking them to share their #StayAtHome and #QuarantineAndChill activities with us during this extraordinary time.

Adam was an avid NRG (Next Robe Generation) crew member and graduated from the University of South Wales in Summer 2018 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Lighting Design & Technology. He now works full-time at TSL Lighting based near Gatwick, West Sussex, UK, as a Control & Data Systems Technician.

Robe: Where are you right now?

Adam: I have currently moved back to my Mum and Dad’s in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Robe: What are you doing to fill the time whilst isolating / on lockdown?

Adam: I am finally exploring grandMA3 and Depence2 (a new buzz-name in the world of visualisation software) … AND … doing all those jobs I’ve never got around to doing, my desk and car have never been so tidy! I’m also enjoying the surrounding Shropshire countryside. As one of the largest, and most sparsely populated counties in the UK, you can walk for an entire day in this sunshine and not see anyone else at all!

Robe: What’s the most creative thing you’re able to do in isolation?

Adam: When I was at school, I used to be obsessed with model railways so I’m re-visiting this to pass the time. It’s very therapeutic, quite rewarding and doesn’t involve staring at a screen!

Robe: Are you looking after anyone else during the Covid-19 crisis?

Adam: Not directly. My Dad works for the NHS as a paramedic (one of the frontline heroes) so we’re taking extra precautions and keeping in contact with family via FaceTime.

Robe: Has anyone inspired you since this started?

Adam: A group on Facebook called #ProductionSkillShare where freelancers are doing daily webinars on a diversity of skills that they have to share – from accounting to Vectorworks.

Robe: Favourite book / movie / Netflix series / viral video

Adam: TV Series – Silicon Valley (American comedy series created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky) If you love The Big Bang Theory, you’ll love this!

Video – Sports commentators taking to everyday life so https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2020/03/20/this-commentators-got-no-live-sport-left-so-hes-commentating-on-everyday-life-and-its-brilliant/ (some featured clips are before social distancing was introduced)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khQYWHVg9yU (Kitchen Commentary by Clive Tyldesley)

Robe: What’s the first thing you’d like to do when we are through it?

Adam: Go to Starbucks, on the way to the pub! Unashamedly I usually buy a coffee every day, this is going to be a long 3 weeks of lockdown here in the UK… (the UK’s lockdown was initially introduced on 23rd March)

Robe: Own question / answer / message of solidarity or something you’d like to say?

Adam: We are inherently an industry of people who love being busy and love socialising, which we obviously can no longer do! Take the time to relax, learn new skills and be sure to stay at home! Everyone is bored, so why not FaceTime? To quote Greg James, “isolation does not mean loneliness”!

Source : https://www.robe.cz/