Thomas Buczko

A cylindrical room in a science block at Concord College in the UK has had its exterior and interior walls, plus a ceiling canopy, wrapped with LED by infiLED and system integrator ADXBA.


Concord College is a highly academic independent international school in the grounds of Acton Burnell Castle, Shropshire in the United Kingdom for day and boarding students. The school aims to provide a curriculum that is engaging and challenging to give Concord graduates the skills and qualifications required for the top universities. As a result, it is ranked fifth in The Times schools league table for GCSE results – an exam typically taken at the age of 16 in the UK – plus 95% of its students last year achieved A* to B grades at in the A Level school-leaving examinations usually taken at the age of 18 in the UK

In June 2017, Concord College was ranked as one of the UK’s top STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) schools according to the government-backed education campaign Your Life. This three-year campaign aims to ensure the UK has the mathematics and science skills it needs for young people to succeed in today’s global economy.

In accord with its top rating, the school opened a newly built science block in January 2018. The new building covers 4,100 sq m, nearly treble the size of its predecessor and is equipped with 21 laboratories, a special projects lab, classrooms, prep rooms and offices. As many as 300 science students are able to use the facilities at any time and there are seven labs for each scientific discipline.

Concord College wanted to ensure that the new science block was engaging, immersive and had the ability to widen its student’s appreciation and knowledge of science. For one cylindrical room in the new building, the school turned to UK based AV integrator ADXBA. With two UK offices located in Manchester in the north of England and Crawley in the south, ADXBA delivers integrated digital communications solutions to clients across the whole of the UK. In partnership with infiLED EM International, the joint venture between the two brought to life state-of-the-art digital signage around both the interior and exterior of the unique room at the college, which also included a ceiling canopy.

The design proposal required LED wrapped walls allowing for 360° video and informational content. In partnership with ADXBA, infiLED installed three separate displays wrapped around a bespoke frame and room. To create a seamless halo effect and further the display’s ability to engage with students, the team also installed 400 cabinets of infiLED’s flexible SF series with a pitch of 4mm and 32 cabinets of its lightweight ER series with a pitch of 3.9mm. The infiLED ER series covered the ceiling of Concord’s cylindrical room, while the malleable SF series was wrapped around both the internal and external walls on a framework that was installed into the build, creating a smooth LED display across the entire structure.

Ultimately, this project revolved around creating an interactive an engaging display space that provided a bespoke learning environment for the students of the school. Concord College’s management team intended the content to focus on the results of their students’ work, further creating an inspiring and engaging learning space.

Concord’s head of science Barry Brown commented: “The new science block has taken students’ breath away and visitors have likened the building to something they would expect at a university, which is a tremendous compliment to all those involved in this massive project. This new science building is a terrific attraction for local and overseas students to study at Concord College.”

Ben Da Costa, cofounder and Managing Director at infiLED EM International, added: “Due to the complex nature of its design and overall outstanding quality, we are incredibly proud of the Concord College installation with our partners ADXBA because it is an outstanding example of how infiLED’s creative design, LED technology and forward thinking can be applied to a wide range of applications.”