Thomas Buczko

First 4-Series product is the fastest, most powerful residential control system Crestron has ever built; provides ultimate “central brain” of the all-new Crestron Home operating system

Rockleigh, NJ – April 4, 2019 – Crestron, the global leader in advanced smart home technology, announced today it is now shipping the new CP4-R, the fastest, most powerful residential control system the company has ever built. Crestron’s first 4-Series product, the CP4-R is the ultimate “central brain” of the all-new Crestron Home operating system, delivering astonishing performance enhancements over the CP3-R including 4x the speed, and double the RAM to support larger systems. The CP4-R runs Crestron Pyng OS 2 today, and is built to support Crestron Home OS 3, arriving Spring 2019.

“The CP4-R gives us a powerful, future-proof platform to support continued enhancements to the Crestron Home operating system. It’s exciting times ahead for Crestron residential systems integrators and their clients!” said Michael Short, Global Residential Marketing Manager at Crestron.

In tandem with best-in-class Crestron hardware, OS 3 (formerly Crestron Pyng® OS 2) unleashes the full potential of the Crestron Home operating system. It gives you the ability to deliver a simple, clean, sophisticated user interface that includes: spectacular page designs; exceptional dynamic room controls and icons; and new features including support for multiple homes, favorites, custom access, room image customizations and more. OS 3 enables you to set up and deploy complete smart homes on any scale in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, with no programming needed, and now with the best user interface.

Source: crestron.com