Thomas Buczko

Creating an agile workplace with a single innovative enterprise collaboration and resource management solution Launching at UC Expo

The modern agile workplace needs a streamlined collaboration and meeting management solution that can maximise teamwork and resource sharing between employees, customers and partners. Clevertouch is focused on delivering the ultimate Enterprise Ecosystem that includes all the essential technology for organisations to save time, optimise resources and create an environment in which employees can productive.
The Enterprise Ecosystem is designed to enhance human collaboration and meetings across the entire organisation. It is a single easy-to-use platform that integrates everything required to host, manage and participate in a meeting – whether you’re in the same building or on the other side of the world.

Clevertouch has taken into consideration the variable requirements needed to host a modern meeting from start to finish: room booking management – integrated with Microsoft Exchange for booking from a calendar and digital signage for display of availability to book at the source; video conferencing – for enable flow of ideas; touchscreen collaboration – for enhancing presentations ; screen sharing – for inclusion of all participants; and annotation – for documenting and follow up.

The ability to manage all these variables from a single platform is what makes the Clevertouch Enterprise Ecosystem unique and as the solution comes with a perpetual license, can be digitally and seamlessly managed by every employee across the business ensures a positive meeting experience for participants.

The Enterprise Ecosystem includes:

  • Pro-Series from Clevertouch – the central interactive display hub
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Screen sharing and mirroring
  • File sharing
  • Infinity whiteboarding
  • Remote on-screen annotation
  • Real-time digital messaging
  • Clever Message – Instant messaging including on-screen alert notifications
  • SedaoLive Rooms – enterprise room booking system with automated updates to give accurate and real-time updates of room availability which is replicated in the online calendar.

Shaun Marklew, Chief Technologist at Clevertouch, who led the development of the new Enterprise Ecosystem says, “Collaborative technology should be simple and uncomplicated to encourage staff to utilise the solution. With Clevertouch’s Enterprise Ecosystem, we enable organisations to connecting multiple users on a common platform to simplify processes and maximise inclusion,” adding, “as the world’s largest businesses and most enterprise entities deploy Unified Communications and BYOD concepts, using Skype for Business, STAGE and other solutions that enable end users to overcome barriers to collaboration, and meeting spaces evolve with more informal and unscheduled team meetings, the need for additional AV technology to connect people remotely is evident. It is also important to recognise that these informal and unscheduled meeting may require a physical meeting space so the inclusion of SedaoLive Rooms in to our Enterprise Ecosystem enables us to deliver all these elements in a single robust, reliable and simple platform, available for free on every Pro Series touchscreen.”

Maximise the productivity of your collaboration and meeting management processes by implementing a Clevertouch Enterprise Ecosystem to create a modern agile workplace for your organisation.

Source: clevertouch.com