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The Adam Hall Group is a leading German manufacturing and distribution company providing event technology solutions around the globe to a diverse portfolio of business customers, including music instrument retailers and dealers, live event and rental companies, broadcast studios, AV and system integrators, private and public enterprises, and industrial flightcase manufacturers.

With more than seven thousand items available in its B2B Webshop, the company offers a wide range of professional audio and lighting technology as well as stage equipment and flightcase hardware under its brands LD Systems®, Cameo®, Gravity®, Defender®, Palmer® and Adam Hall®.

In 1975, Mr Adam Hall founded Adam Hall Ltd in Southend-on-Sea, an English town near London, as a provider of high-quality, robust flight case fittings. Not long after, his then new partner and fellow Englishman, Mr David Kirby, founded Adam Hall GmbH in a German town near Frankfurt in 1980. In 1993, David Kirby took over the English Ltd. and turned the German branch into the company headquarters.

More than 40 years later, the Adam Hall Group has evolved into a modern, innovative event technology company with offices around the globe as well as a 14,000 square-metre warehouse and logistics park and new Experience Center at its corporate headquarters in Neu-Anspach near Frankfurt, Germany.

Managing Directors:

David Kirby, Executive Chairman
As an English musician, David Kirby brought the company to Germany in 1980 and founded Adam Hall GmbH in Oberlauken, Hesse.

Alexander Pietschmann, CEO & Managing Director
Alexander Pietschmann has had a connection to Adam Hall GmbH and its founder David Kirby since childhood. His father and former professional musician Tilo Pietschmann has been in field sales since the beginning in 1989. He is committed to ensuring continuity and high staff retention at Adam Hall. Alex joined the company in 2006 and immediately started expanding the research & development, product management and marketing departments.

Markus Jahnel, COO & Managing Director
Markus Jahnel has known David Kirby since 1983 as he also comes from Oberlauken, where Adam Hall GmbH was founded. Having started out working there as a trainee, he has been on board since almost the very start and has watched and helped Adam Hall expand. After completing his high school diploma, his apprenticeship in publishing as well as his military service, Markus Jahnel first joined the Adam Hall sales team in 1989. In the following years he put his heart and soul into expanding the entire product range and sales department.

Multimediav.com: The Adam Hall Group is today indisputable leader in the branch. How do you reminisce the development of the company since your joining?

Alexander Pietschmann, CEO & Managing Director: The company naturally evolved into the event technology space starting with hardware fittings to speaker cabinets as well as cables and accessories back in the 70s and 80s along with our experience distributing such brands as Turbosound, 3rd Generation mixers and amps, Rauch power amps, and Fane loudspeakers and then Eminence loudspeakers through the 80s and 90s. In the early 2000s, the company continued on by adding newly created own-brands to the portfolio, such as Defender Cable Protectors and LD Systems Pro Audio. Later, after 2010, came the introduction of more newly created own-brands like Cameo Light and Gravity Premium Stands. In addition to its own brands, the company is still a sales distribution partner for about a dozen other brands within the event tech industry. More than 40 years later, with a comprehensive product range spanning pro audio, pro lighting, stage equipment and hardware, the Adam Hall Group proudly offers a full-range of event technology solutions addressing the needs of professionals in the areas of musical instrument retail and flight case building all the way to live event and fixed installation environments. Our roots are in Europe, but we have also expanded globally with offices and showrooms all over, including at our headquarters near Frankfurt, Germany, Barcelona, Singapore, Poland, and the USA.

Alexander Pietschmann, CEO & Managing Director

Do you remember your beginnings in the company?

I remember Marketing was the main department that needed addressing at the end of 2006 when I joined. I remember my first day, everything was so practical and efficient, but I turned up with office plants, trying to bring creativity and warmth to the office – I think a few people thought I was a little crazy! I was able to quickly turn my hand to other tasks within the company, with many people seeking advice which I was happy to give. I enjoyed the diversity. I also enjoyed it because I had managed to miss having to deal with the whole setup part in building a company; I’d had that with my own previous business ventures, so didn’t want to experience it again. I felt my knowledge was actually better placed in an already- established corporation.

What professional goals did you set for yourself at the time?

At that time back in 2006, I didn’t really have a big masterplan for my career. I simply wanted to help create something meaningful and have fun working with people as a team while doing it. Adam Hall and our industry provided me that opportunity.

Was Adam Hall developing dynamically?

Yes, and it still is. As a company having the pleasure to experience consistent long-term organic growth, it’s safe to say that listening to the needs of our customers and to their customers (end-users) has steered our decision-making process and continues to lead us down a path to design and engineer products that deliver more solutions to their problems. Having our own designers and engineers in house lends to the realisation of new ideas fairly quickly and hence the logical and natural evolution for us to continue our focus on event technology, whether it be pro audio, LED lighting, stage equipment or hardware, as we know the market and can keep building on our momentum.

Architectural project of the new company headquarters

How many brands are now in your portfolio?

Designed and engineered in Germany, the Adam Hall Group manufacturers products under its own individual brands: LD Systems® Pro Audio; Cameo® Light; Gravity® Premium Stands; Defender® Cable Protection; Palmer® MI & Audio Tools; Adam Hall® Hardware; and Adam Hall® Stage Equipment. In addition to these owned individual brands, the Adam Hall Group complements its portfolio offering with accredited third-party distribution brands and, together, provides industry professionals with a full-scale, comprehensive range of event technology solutions.

  • LD Systems – Pro Audio in Motion

Pro Audio Solutions for Events and Installations

  • Cameo – Colours of Light

Innovative LED lighting and accessories for a broad range of applications

  • Gravity – Stand your Ground

Stands and accessories with clever design aspects

  • Defender – The Industry & Event Standard

Cable Protection Systems – the industry and event standard for more than 20 years

  • Palmer

High-quality audio products for musicians and audio engineers

  • Adam Hall Hardware

Complete portfolio including at professional flight case components, and FliteCAD Software

  • Adam Hall Stage Equipment

A vast array of equipment and accessories from stage platforms and truss, to stands and cables all the way to power distributors, stage fabrics, and consumables

Are they the main brands from audio sector?

See answer to #5 above.

How strong do you invest in R&D, new products and marketing?

No matter what lies ahead, our mission to create innovative, user-friendly and performance-driven event technology solutions will always be the key driver. We like to think that offering solutions in event technology helps more professionals to realize their ideas, to amplify people’s emotions and allow great moments together to be shared together. In the next years, this philosophy will definitely continue to navigate our course. Our focus lies in bringing new innovations to market, offering real solutions to solve real problems and keeping our customer-centric approach with business customers in the retail, rental, install and industry sectors. Thus, in summary, yes it is paramount to ensure we are vested in R&D, new product innovations and marketing.

(In the picture from left) Markus Jahnel, David Kirby, Alexander Pietschmann

Is it always a precisely planned development path?

Good question! I would rather say we try to keep it precisely on a customer-driven path. And although we have a development path and accompanying production schedules, etc., relationships with our customers are dynamic (as they should be) and it’s the customers’ feedback, which we allow to be the ultimate driver. Our product development pipeline is thus always full and we really reap the benefit of offering a full-scale solutions portfolio and taking seriously relationships with those who are using and valuing our products.

Which directions of operation, as of today, are the most important?

With solid investments in R&D, new product innovations and marketing, all operations are critically important. Next to our completely redesigned B2B Webshop, which provides enhanced customer-orientation features, such as individual pricing, real-time inventory visibility, and detailed information on products, orders and invoice history, our focus is strong on our sales, warehouse, logistics and customer service with our Supply-Chain-Management and IT/Digital departments at the heart of these operations.

What goals have you set yourself in regard to further market expansion, technology development dynamics and logistics?

The more the world continues to connect digitally, the more convenient the access becomes, the further our international expansion takes us, the more innovations we bring to market and the more sophisticated our logistics system becomes, a goal we have set and value keeping is our focus to create and maintain personal relationships with customers and industry friends. This has been one of our key cornerstones since day one in 1975 and I don’t ever see this changing.

Are the new office centre and warehouses related to logistics?

Yes, or better said, much related to further customer-orientation, not just in the logistics sense, but also bringing relevant innovations to market. With an investment of over 20 million euros, we have recently completed the new 14,000 m2 (150,000 sq. ft.) Logistics Park, which has increased our warehouse capacity with 10,000 pallet spaces and 17,000 container spaces as well as operational performance with the included small-parts automated section of our warehouse. This summer, we plan to open the new Experience Center located in the new Adam-Hall-Str. 1. The architectural hallmarks, designed with business customers, partners, associations and employees in mind, include a fully-equipped product showroom, a large theatre auditorium for live demonstrations, facilities for the Adam Hall Academy and the company restaurant, Come Together. The integrated R&D department located in the other half of the Experience Center houses an anechoic measuring room, various endurance and climatic test rigs, a photometric laboratory and ample space for designing, modelling and 3D prototyping.

The logistics center is impressive

Do you intend to invest in more brands from audio sector?

The portfolio of brands we have is just right as collectively they present a powerful portfolio in the field of event technology. I would say instead of investing in “more” brands, we would rather invest more in our brands, including our pro audio brands of LD Systems and Palmer. What is important for me as a CEO is seeing on a day-to-day basis the passion and commitment of the collective team here in house to design, develop and bring customer-centric products and solutions under these brands to market. I am happy to say that what drives us is the knowing that what we do goes hand in hand with enabling musicians and event tech professionals to turn their creative ideas and visions into reality – and that enables more people to share great moments together. It’s the “why” that’s truly motivates and drives the how and what for us.

 I wish you success with further expansion of your business.

Thank you very much!