About us

Multimediav was created quite recently. The idea for creation of international website has emerged among the group of people working in international branch media. They are professionals, who focused their interest on AV market (multimedia, postproduction, broadcasting, audio and video).

Our team consists of journalists, graphic designers and programmers, who with vast passion, work everyday on the development of the platform.

Our task is to publish conscientious information and to gather valuable community where communication will not have any restrictions.

We set out to create a multichannel media which consists in verified and effective e-commerce tools such as: newsletters, blogs, content and video marketing as well as social media support.

That is not our last word, for today’s world of constantly developing new technology is a great inspiration for us.

Our target covers AV integrators, consultants, engineers, designers, and producers. We cooperate actively in regard to advertising and content with producers from all over the world, simultaneously creating a reliable source of information for the end user. Get to know us and let’s start working together!